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Eyeliner can be as simple as lash enhancement, or can include mucosal color. The appearance can be solid, smudgy, or a combination, even a colored, blended shadow with liner.

Adding light blue eyeliner in the wet area is a common makeup trick used to brighten the eyes.

Permanent Makeup Eyeliner
Permanent Makeup Eyeliner
Client had permanent lash enhancement done elsewhere. Accent added blue mucosal color to correct the droopy appearance. Brows also corrected for shape and color.

Permanent Makeup Eyeliner
Permanent Aqua, mucosal eyeliner

Permanent Makeup Eyeliner Progression of permanent eyeliner showing the softening that occurs during the healing process.

For more information about permanent makeup, see the article on Wikipedia:

Eyeliner can enhance the energy of your eyes by making the sclera or white area of the eye appear brighter and more clear. It does this with the application of a dark liner. Also, complimenatary colors draw attention to the iris, which is the colored part of eye.

Permanent Makekup Eyeliner

Deep-set eyes have trouble with makeup smearing, but not so with permanent eyeliner. Permanent Makeup Eyeliner

Eyeliner is to an Eye as a Frame is to a Painting

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Permanent Makeup Testimonial "I am very pleased by Dawn's ability to create a look that is soft yet uplifting" -Happy Client

Permanent Makeup Testimonial "Thank you for taking the extra time to make your artwork so perfect."-Tami Soyensen

Permanent Makeup Testimonial "My new eyeliner & eyebrows are great." -Happy Client

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