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MCA restores color and smoothness to scars, acne pits, stretch marks, brown spots, and hypopigmented areas.

Multi-trepanic Collagen Actuation (MCA), also known as dry needling, is a treatment that restores color and flatness to scars, acne pits, and hypopigmented (white) areas. It works by stimulating the production of collagen and melanocytes through multiple tiny needle punctures delivered by a commercial tattoo machine, which flatten raised or pitted areas and improve pigmentation and skin texture.

Client below had a mole removed by surgical incision 1 year before, which left a raised, reddened scar. Dry Needling (MCA) was applied to the scar region causing new cell growth and the reduction of scar tissue.

Scar Treatment

MCA is a remedy for the cause, not just a treatment for the symptom

In addition to MCA, pigment can be added to camouflage scars. Combining MCA and pigment camouflage provides permanent results. Two or three 30 minute procedures may be required for the best outcome.

Stretch Mark Treatment
Stretch Mark Removal through Dry Needling Techniques

Clients see a difference in their skin immediately after the treatment and continue to have progressively better results for up to a year. Dry needling has a thickening effect on the skin, which helps prevent against future damage.

MCA breaks up scar tissue and smoothes out raised scars. The client below saw a dramatic improvement in just 3 months.

Scar Becomes Smoother and Less Red After MCA

Brown spots can also benefit from MCA

Scar Treatment to restore areola color

Stretch Mark Treatment
MCA and permanent Makeup used to correct a natural blemish

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Permanent Makeup Testimonial"Even before the fallow-up visits, I was already sure the scars were dimished" -Morgan

Permanent Makeup Testimonial "Thank you for your listening heart and helpful insight."

Permanent Makeup Testimonial "Now I feel such self confidence, it's a pleasure, not a pain, to dress up and go." -Carol Hurley

Permanent Makeup Testimonial "Thank you for taking the extra time to make your artwork so perfect."-Tami Soyensen

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